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I then put liquid fabric softener in a jar and add the pieces of sponge.

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To reduce static cling in clothes, reduce the heat temperature of your dryer.

DIY Natural is dedicated to helping you create natural homemade cleaners, DIY beauty products, and more.I buy the fabric softener sheets but I cut each sheet into 4 pieces.

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When ready to put a load of clothes in the dryer, slip a dried softener sheet in.DIY Reuseable Dryer Sheets: to make: buy a 4 pack of sponges, cut them in half, place in a container with lid, mix equal parts liquid fabric softener and water, pour over sponges, to use: remove 1 or 2 sponges and squeeze out excess liquid, throw in dryer with clothes, return to container and reuse.

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The next time you add a load of clothes to the dryer, squeeze out 1 piece of sponge and add it to the load.

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Yes By tiggpig (Guest Post) August 17, 2006 1 found this helpful I simply pour a little fabric softner on an old washcloth. (or you can spray it on from a bottle) I can use it 4-5 times before having to pour more on the rag.Place the sponges in the container, pour your mixture over the top.

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All you need is a couple cups of water, your favorite liquid fabric softener and basic kitchen sponges.Make Your Own Dryer Sheets Instead of those plastic-infused dryer sheets, why not make your own.

But if you want a nice smell in the dryer instead of using crappy chemical-infested fabric softener - add a few drops of essential oil on a cotton strip and put in the dryer with your clothes.Rub the oil into the cloth (I mean 2 drops), let it sit for a minute and then put in.

If you tried this recipe, please let me know how it turned out for you.What is even more remarkable is you can use them at least thirty to forty times each, that's months worth of laundry.Share This Post. Facebook. Pinterest. email. Add a few drops of essential oils to a washcloth or sponge in the dryer to help your clothes smell clean and fresh without artificial fragrance.Then when I use my dryer, I take one of the pieces of sponge from the jar, squeezing to remove excess fabric softener, and throw it in the dryer with my clothes.Hence, all those who had been looking for different ideas to make your own homemade dryer sheets, the following idea, is truly the best of all.Again, since it has so many uses.vinegar will become your friend.If the micro fiber has had excessive dirt or multiple cleaning chemicals, I then proceed with a small amount of detergent and another hot cycle.