Walmart air mattress return policy

We took the reciever back to the Sparta Walmart this evening for a refund.My girlfriend purchased an air mattress from.Walmart in City of Industry Ca.They make millions over millions and this is the mess your stuck with.Most retail stores will issue a store credit for the lowest price the item has been sold for within the last 30 days if you return without a receipt.Some items sold by Target have a modified return policy noted on the receipt, packing slip, Target policy board (refund exceptions), or in the item department.Walmart is a pioneer in Site-to-Store shipping, which allows customers to shop from the comfort of their couch before heading to the store to pick up their items.

Can you please help us little people out, who live paycheck to paycheck, spending so much money every month at Walmart.I asked when was the last day to return these items and they said I would not have been able to return them anytime after the holiday.The representative at my credit card company told me to file a dispute of the purchase and Walmart will have to produce the itemized receipt and then they will have to take it back.Please Do Not Purchase From My Goods- There Re So Many Other Companies Such As Amazon, Etc, That Treats Us With Respect And Does Not Try To Rip Off The Customer.We all work hard for our money, and i was just looking to be made whole.

How about a Walmart return after 11 months WITH a receipt on an item that cones with a 2 yr warranty.I went ahead with the trip with no air mattress but when i returned i proceeded to return these obscene items that were unfortunately in my possession now.Should the Walmart associate who has 100 people asking to cash out a gift card know the 1 person who is being honest and the 99 who are lying.She was told that there are absolutely no refunds, exchanges etc.with any purchases of all their air mattresses.Heres the thing had a receipt for one I bought and the other one no receipt.Walmart does not require a receipt to facilitate your returns, except for the exceptions mentioned above.I called store and asked to exchange remaining 11 bottles and they askef me if my purchase was within last 24 hours.I have shopped at Walmart since I was 16 I am now 53 that is 37 years of shopping st Walmart.

A department manager, Sandra,. help and she just said we cannot refund for those and kept doing what she was previously. is not currently working.I also emailed Walmart Money Card and tried to contact. card number and see what she could do.Feeling cheating and just cant do against such a gaint organization.Went back to double check shelf and did not find the price charged at all.I went rite back in there and they refused to return it for me.Also, I had a set of undergarments, new and still wrapped and the receipt with those too.The policy is always changing and corporate does not stick to one policy.

I might add I am very good at keeping receipts but this one particular time I could not find the receipt.When we tried to return the vacuum and again it was wit him 90 day, the manager Ariel said he had the right to refuse an exchange.Two days later, had to head down to nearby Havasu, so I brought it with me to try and return there.I entered the store and spoke to the lady at the refund counter.

She would have been happy to exchange it if a refund or store credit was not possible.I work at the customer service desk and after reading some of the comments I have to say something.However when I return an item with receipt I have to wait 10 days.See detailed Walmart customer service rankings, employee comments and much more from our sister site.

I have a TARGET credit card now and I will take MY business to TARGET from this day on.I called the store and told them I needed to exchange it for another one and the manager said no because it was opened I explained to him I had to open if I were going to use it long story short finally got my product but I plan on calling Corperate in the morning since now the manager stated its a controlled substance lmao.

If the item is wrong and large best to donate it to good will. is worst online shopping experience on the net.I bought a tv two years ago and purchased the the extended warranty.Wait. On second thought. walmart is a slimy, flight-by-night thieving company.I had used the vacuum a total of 5 to 7 times then it stop sucking.I have never been denied a refund from Walmart for any product until now.I feel they should inform each person of this policy when they purchase it not pointing to the policy at the service desk when you try to return it.His response was to point to the wall and say its right there, where his picture and name were.My mother who is 75 years old and on social security and is disabled bought a Samsung tablet from Walmart a few months ago.

We couldnt find reciept until today so we were planning to return bed for an exchange but my girlfriend was told not returnable per manager what kinda racket is this.Today I went to return the UNOPENED, never been used, Samsung WITH a receipt and was told I was 3 days too late.I purchased a Galaxy ACE on the straight talk network for my son.She said they would send an email explaining where to return the unit.We purchased a Pioneer DEH 150MP CD RDS RECIEVER Sunday Sept.25, 2016. Today we were faced with a hugh bill and needed the money spent on the reciever to pay toward that bill.